About Russia

Russia is a country and it is situated in Asia and Eastern Europe. Russia is the largest country of the world by land area and it is also known as Russia Federation. Moscow is the capital of Russia and Russian Federation is the official name of Russia. Moscow, the capital of the Russia, is the largest city is the world. Population of Russia is about 146.6 million. Russian government is based on a democratic form of rule. Moscow is the capital and one of the largest urban spaces in the world including other main urban spaces. Saint PetersburgNovosibirskChelyabinskYekaterinburgUfaNizhny Novgorod, and Kazan are prime locations.

Figuring out total Northern Asia and Eastern Europe, Russia fuses several conditions. It has various landforms and passes through eleven time zones.

The Russian Federation shares the land border with Finland, Lithuania and Poland (both with Kaliningrad Oblast), Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Norway Estonia, Mongolia, and North Korea & China. It shares sea fringes with Japan in the Okhotsk Sea. The assembled territory of Alaska over the Bering Strait.

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MBBS in Russia

Russia is the popular study destination for International students. Russia is the best place to pursue a career in Medicine. In Russia medical programs are consist of 6 years MD programs which is segmented with Two state level Examination in 3rd year and 6th year respectively. First 3 years are basic and non-clinical Year which is consisting of Basic knowledge and fundamental medical Programs like Pharmacology, Anatomy etc respectively. From 4th years all classes will be held in Hospital and students will attend patients under the supervision of Mentors.

All Medical Universities in Russia Recognized by MCI, WHO, FAMIER and USMLE, PLAB.

The degree is accepted by worldwide medical councils. Students are from many European countries like Germany, UK, Switzerland and many developed countries are pursuing their medical degree and successfully working in their countries with highest salary.

We are having Many Medical Universities in our contact as working with co-operation of the Ministry of Education (MOE), Russia.

Why Study Medicine In Russia?

Russia is No-1 Destination for pursuing MBBS for International students because of cost effective fee structure compare to other European and Commonwealth Countries. Russia is one of the safest places in the world where girls can study freely without any issues. In fact in last few years, more Indian girls as compared to boys have been joined Russia for medical courses. Every year thousands of students are coming to Russia for doing medical courses. In fact it is No-1 destination for Indian students who want to enroll in different professional programs including medicine.

Medium of Instructions

In Russia the medium of instruction is Russian. But now a days most of the university follows English as well as the Russian language for medicine course. Students should contact our Team members before joining any Russian Universities for Medicine courses. Russian Universities follows syllabus which is an international standard, equivalent to MCI, WHO, USMLE, PLAB. So Indian students do not face any problems for FMGE Screening test after completing MBBS from Russia. Russian Universities offer FMGE Coaching for Indian Students. Once Indian students clear MCI Screening now called as “NEXT “ can practice any part of India.

Advantages Of Studying MBBS In Russia

  • In fact, IELTS or TOEFL is not required.
  • An entrance test is not required. Specifically, the entrance happens on first come first served basis.
  • Russian universities demand no Donation fee.
  • No capitalization fee is asked to be paid for MBBS in Russia.
  • The universities are subsidized by the Government of Russia.
  • The medium of medical education in Russia is fully English language.
  • The MBBS course fee is very cheap as compared to other MBBS universities in India.
  • MBBS universities in Russia are recognized by MCI.
  • There is no upper age limit for students to apply for MBBS courses in Russia.
  • Foreign Indian graduates can practice in India after clearing the screening test.
  • Universities prepare MBBS students from the first year of the screening test.
  • Students have the option to pursue PG in Europe next to completing their MBBS in Russia.
  • Although, Indian students can easily find Indian food in Russia.
  • Students can easily find home stay accommodations in Russia. International students can rent an apartment if they don’t want to stay in a hostel.
  • However, the MCI and other international authorities recognize Medical programs in Russia.

Top Medical Universities For MBBS in Russia

 Medical Universities in Russia

MBBS Fees in Russia (Per Year).  

 Altai State Medical University

337900 INR.

 Dagestan State Medical Academy

337900 INR.

 Irkutsk State Medical University

175700 INR.

 Belgorod State University

337900 INR.

 Kazan Federal University

608000 INR.

 Crimean Federal University

209500 INR.

 Northern State Medical University

283800 INR.

 First Moscow State Medical University

939881 INR.

 Novosibirsk State Medical University

608000 INR.

 Orel State University

263500 INR.

 Perm State Medical University

304000 INR.

 People’s Friendship University of Russia

831000 INR.

 Orenburg State Medical University

464200 INR.

 Bashkir State Medical University

337900 INR.

 Ryazan State Medical University

304000 INR.

Kabardino Balkarian State University  

270600 INR

Volgograd State Medical University

416965 INR.

A Brief About The MBBS Course Structure

The whole medical curriculum in Russia comprises of 360 credits. It is isolated for 10 semesters that involves 5 years of MBBS coursework. In the first place, it includes 300 credits (30 credits each). Likewise, the practical year which is the sixth year containing 60 credits. However, all the ten semesters are similarly dispersed. The categories are addresses, aggregate work, free hours and semester insightful exams.

Admission Procedure For MBBS In Russia

The Admission procedure for MBBS in Russia is exceptionally basic, simple and direct. It would be ideal if you observe underneath to find out about the procedure:

  • Firstly, hopefuls need to fill out the application with all the right points of interest.
  • Secondly, you will get the offer letter.
  • Thirdly, you need to pay the enrollment expense.
  • Then after payment of the MBBS fees in Russia, apply for the Visa.
  • Finally, get the Visa for MBBS in Russia.

After finishing all the system, get your flight to Russia. Appreciate a merry life learning and investigating the wonderful European culture.

How Safe Is Russia For International Students

Likewise, a graphical representation of the rise in safety measures in Russia. Source Wikipedia

  • Russian urban communities are significantly more secure. However, it’s as yet a smart thought to know about your environment. Maintain a strategic distance from the terrible neighborhood in your city. It would be completely imprudent to go out alone at 2 am in any Russian city.
  • Being an Indian restorative student in Russia
  • You would be greatly unfortunate to get victimized or assaulted at being subtle. However, at that point in the event that you seem as though you will get robbed, you most likely will. Be alert and don’t stroll around like a frightened puppy and you ought to be fine. Russia may not be as protected as Switzerland, but it is definitely not like a Latin American nation.

It is important to carry some recognizable proof with you constantly. A duplicate of the identification, visa, and enrollment papers are an absolute necessity. Character checks by policemen are normal in Russia. However, once more, it’s impossible that you will be ceased by a policeman if you found to be suspicious. Having character papers available is additionally basic for any sort of crisis.

Accommodation During MBBS In Russia

The colleges give Hostel facilities to International students studying in Russia. The students who don’t pick to remain in a hostel, have different convenience choices. In fact, they could find Inns, lodges, home stay, private flat, and so forth accordingly.

There are typically two sorts of settlement lodging and off grounds. Cost of inn convenience ranges from $30-$100 every month. These quarters are the most moderate choice to spend your student life in Russia. Off grounds settlement is as a rule on the high side indeed. It is between $150-$400 month to month contingent upon the area. Briefly sort and area of the cabin (quarters, leased room, or flat).

Required Documents For MBBS In Russia

  • Passport with minimum 18 months validity.
  • 10th Certificate + Mark sheet
  • 12th Certificate + Mark sheet
  • Birth Certificate in English or translated into English and notarized.
  • Photo – 10 ( 4.5 x 3.5 cm, 70% Face )
  • Official Invitation letter from the Medical University of Russia
  • HIV test documents
  • Authorization of all documents from the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  • Legalization of all documents from the Russian Embassy.
  • Visa fees
  • Bank receipt of University 1st year Tuition fee payment (required for some Universities).

Visa Process For MBBS In Russia

  • In a request to apply for a Russian student visa, student secures a place at a Russian institute. Prior seat booking is important to apply for VISA to study medicine in Russia. It is conceded to those International understudies who are enlisted on MBBS courses.
  • The Russia student visa is issued as a solitary passage visa that is conceded for a time of 3 months to 1 year. It is an extendable visa that can be broadened relying upon the span of the course of study. However, it might be changed over to the different sections. In fact, visa following three months of the understudy’s entry in Russia.
  • One of the following is important:
  • A formalized report issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Russian Federation. It fortifies enticing instructive establishment’s application.

Monthly Expenses For International Students In Russia

  • Accommodation per month USD 100-300 depending on your living style.
  • One month metro smart card USD 65.
  • Car fuel per liter USD 0.5
  • Utilities per month USD 150.
  • Food will cost USD 10 per day.

Why Choose Universal MBBS?

  • is No-1 Admission Counselor for study in Russian Universities.
  • We are authorized to top Medical Colleges in Russian Federations.
  • Our Team and Associates are always ready to solve all query related to admission and other issues so that our students feel homely atmosphere in Russia.
  • Our Associates are second Guardian for the students who studied in Russia.

The Climatic State Of Russia

Weather in RussuaThe tremendous size of Russia and the remoteness of numerous regions from the ocean. It results in the predominance of the moist mainland atmosphere. It is pervasive in all parts of the nation with the exception of the tundra. Mountains in the south block the stream of warm air masses from the Indian Ocean. The plain of the west and north influences the nation to open to Arctic and Atlantic impacts.

The greater part of Northern European Russia and Siberia has a subarctic atmosphere. A great degree extreme winters in the internal districts of Northeast Siberia. (the most part the Sakha Republic, where the Northern Pole of Cold. It is situated with the record low temperature of −71.2 °C or −96.2 °F), and more direct winters somewhere else. Both the Arctic Ocean and the Russian Arctic islands have a polar atmosphere. In fact, India is 2 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Russia.


Russia comprises diverse Religion as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism. Therefore, these are the chief religions in the history of Russia.

Standard Christianity is a customary and the biggest religion in Russia. It is considered a piece of Russia’s “verifiable legacy” by the law approved in 1997. Around 95% of the enrolled Orthodox areas have a place with the Russian Orthodox Church. There are various smaller Orthodox Churches. These are known as houses of worship of Old Believers. There has been a far-reaching recovery of Siberian shamanism all through Russia.

Indian Restaurants In Russia

Shopping Malls In Russia

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Mega Mall Khimki


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Belaya Dacha Mega Mall

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Green Chilli Restaurant

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Kazan Mega Mall

Little India

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Mega Mall Novosibirsk

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